Lane Capital Markets is a partnership investment bank focusing its activities on private companies and companies who would be characterized as small and micro-cap public companies.  We believe that there are significant opportunities within these companies to provide individual and institutional investors a significant opportunity to participate in the growth, development and creation of value within many emerging and dynamic opportunities.

The professionals at Lane Capital Markets have extensive experience over a number of years at identifying and assisting numerous companies to become major players within their respective industry sectors and provide tremendous returns to the investment community.

Our bankers are considered creative and forward thinking bankers who have extensive experience at completing successful transactions.  While we do not focus on any particular industry sector, our bankers have considerable and varying experience within particular industries including healthcare and biotechnology.

Lane Capital Markets ... Bulge Bracket Expertise for Small and Micro-Cap companies!

There are five phases to the Equity Financing Process.  Click the button below to learn more!

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